About Us

We are an Aging Care Consulting Firm, primarily for a select group of seniors, or individuals with aging parents, who want to create a plan that helps them understand and prepare for the natural progression and sometimes unpredictable care needs we all experience as we age.



Aging Consultants Group was created from the progression of the early work of Pegasus Financial Group.

Soon after the start of Pegasus Financial Group in 2007, clients began asking questions and seeking advice or help concerning issues of aging.  These issues centered around home safety and other home living options. There were concerns around caregiver options and needs, as well as resources that were available for help with aging. Finally, they wanted an understanding of how to plan for the costs of care, and how to efficiently coordinate it. 

After several client experiences, we decided to conduct a focus group of our clients who were in their 70’s to find out their concerns and needs.  The feedback we received started the development of the Aging Preparedness Program that has evolved 10 years later. After years of education, including vetting of facilities, services and programs to help seniors, as well as working with individuals with different needs, we have refined the Aging Preparedness Program. Aging Consultants Group are a team of professionals committed to reducing the anxiety and burden of aging and bring greater peace of mind to our clients.

Why Choose Us

We are an Aging Life Care Consulting Team with over 15 years of experience.  We are passionate advocates for our clients. We are firm believers in reducing the anxiety and burden of aging.  We developed a process that creates a customized plan with continual monitoring and adjustments as needed, helping to bring greater peace of mind to our clients.