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Our Aging Preparedness Program helps to plan for a disparate range of care-needs challenges.

Most of us understand why it's important to plan for the future.  We have done it for our homes, our children's education, and retirement.  But when it comes to caring for an aging loved one, most families do not plan until a problem arises, and when options are slim.

We conduct a 3 step process to help you meet the Financial and Care-Planning Needs for a Complex Range of Issues:


Experience has shown us that individuals and families make the best decisions about future care wishes, when they first understand the physical, emotional, and financial demands of caregiving - and the options available to effectively meet those demands.

We discuss the many services, resources, and strategies necessary to consider so that when life changes, your plan is ready to support your needs.



We go at your pace to collect the necessary data about your home, health, financials, legal documents, and family dynamic.  We create a full and accurate profile that will allow us to consider an array of choices when presenting your plan options.  Guided by your wishes, we model financial responses to increasing levels of care.

Your plan is regularly re-evaluated to keep up with life, health, and market changes.  This financial/care Progression Analysis, performed by Pegasus Financial Group, or your advisor, allows you to prepare for future needs.

The key drivers of the plan will be Home and Health.  A comprehensive review of your Home and Health with an emphasis on safety and progression of care needs will be completed.

We gather all Financial Information so we can determine the best use and timing of funds available to support execution of the plan.

We ensure all necessary legal documents are in place to facilitate Powers of Attorney for medical and financial situations if needed.  We also plan for transferring of money and assets to heirs while avoiding probate.

We gather information about who, and where your support network is located.  This is used for clear communication of your wishes and can be used to supplement care as needed.


While care needs in the future are uncertain, the Aging Preparedness Program is continually updated to support you.  Our experience with industry-providers enables you to choose the right services for you and your family as health and care needs change.  The intention of the program is to provide a cost-efficient approach to keep you safe and supported to live a fulfilling life while respecting your wishes.


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